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  • 5 Tactics to Create Game Characters with Depth

    5 Tactics to Create Game Characters with Depth

    Like any storytelling medium, games have the potential to transport gamers to a world of our choosing. Such as one of the timeless novels, like Lord of The Rings or Alice in Wonderland, in games we can create amazing worlds that people are drawn into. The depth of the characters plays an important part inRead More
  • How to Storyboard Your Game

    How to Storyboard Your Game

    No, storyboarding is not holding someone down and reading them your story until they beg you to stop, drowning them from your outpouring of words. Storyboarding is not another form of torture (or shouldn’t be!), but rather a powerful tool to use in game design. When you storyboard your game, your are creating a set ofRead More
  • What is a Game Engine?

    What is a Game Engine?

    A Game Engine is defined as being a set of software tools or API's built to optimize the development of a video game. This will typically include a game loop or at the very least a 2D or 3D rendering engine. Game Engine's can commonly be confused with a programming language such as C++, orRead More
  • 4 Popular Ways to Monetize Free To Play (Freemium) Games

    4 Popular Ways to Monetize Free To Play (Freemium) Games

    Over the past decade there has been a surge in free-to-play (f2p) games being developed. Within this niche market there is a huge opportunity at earning a healthy sum of money. By presenting a free game, you lower the bar to get in the gamers’ hands, and in today’s saturated market you need to take advantage ofRead More
  • WordPress Plugins to Design an Awesome Video Game Website

    WordPress Plugins to Design an Awesome Video Game Website

    Get Your Video Game Site Up and Running with this Plugin Pack We've put together a WordPress plugin pack for you to get your video game website up and running in a flash! Whether you're creating a site for your video game publishing company or simply a specific game, these plug-ins will help set the foundation for a great site whereRead More
  • Video Game Marketing Basics

    Video Game Marketing Basics

    With so many new releases in the ever-growing video game marketplace occurring on such a frequent basis, it can be close to impossible to make your game stand out—that’s where marketing comes in and it’s never too early to start! One of the most difficult things for game development teams that have only launched aRead More
  • Starting Your Game with a Story

    Starting Your Game with a Story

    Storyline and plot development are central to a successful game. Gamers want to be immersed in a cool universe with impossible physics filled with mind-boggling characters that possess face-melting powers. And now you want to make a video game—so where do you start? Go With What You Know Before design, it’s important that you’ve gotRead More
  • Overcoming Game Design Limitations

    Overcoming Game Design Limitations

    Game design constraints is a topic that deserves some analysis. This is one of those seemingly hidden forces that greatly impacts every aspect of a game. As a designer, whether you realize it or not, you are constantly guided by limiting factors. Keeping an eye out for these hurdles can make it easier to focusRead More
  • Why Your Game Needs a Vision Statement

    Why Your Game Needs a Vision Statement

    A game design vision statement, also known as the vision document, is essentially the “elevator pitch” of a game. It’s composed of all the primary goals you have for the game, refined onto paper. All the important mechanics, gameplay elements, storyline and feelings you need to portray to achieve your primary vision for the game,Read More
  • 6 Strategies to Improve Your Game Design Documents

    6 Strategies to Improve Your Game Design Documents

    So you want to amp up your game design documentation (GDD) skills? There’s many ways to organize your ideas on paper. As game complexity and team sizes grow, being able to clarify your game vision and effectively communicate the key concepts becomes more important. Here’s just a few tips that can help streamline that process.Read More