Gamescrye: Upcoming Features

I’d like to outline some features I’m excited to talk about. These ideas stem from conversations I’ve had with game designers, and pain points I’ve personally experienced while dabbling in game design. If you have ideas around these or other features, we’d love to hear them!

Quick documentation – but with powerful structure

A big need around the documentation is to easily pull out a set of data to look in aggregate form. Virtually all games require some analysis of existing elements for various needs, such as balance considerations, feature comparisons, referencing a set of content for implementation etc. Doing this involve scanning related documents together, and traditionally this can be cumbersome to do. At the core of this need, I believe some simple taxonomy features, or ways to tag and organize documents, is the solution.

We are going to start with a simple tagging system, we call it Game Categories. With Categories, you can tag your Game Elements in a free form approach, as you may already be used to in other applications.

The power lies in the ability to consume these now organized documents in various ways.

Aggregate views

I’m working on identifying what will be most useful for the sorted views you can achieve leveraging Categories and other taxonomy features. I have some ideas such as a card format of the Game Elements based on Categories searched, PDF exports to do paper testing and more.

With great chat, comes great power

Our chat system invariably must get more powerful. A core tenant of Gamescrye is to have a top-notch collaboration tool, and you can’t have that without some chat features. The ability to tag teammates and documents is in the pipeline!

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