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Get Some Tips on Designing Your Game from these YouTubers

YouTube offers game developers a nearly limitless supply of information--both bad and good--that you can leverage to develop and improve your games. We're helping you sort through the noise by identifying YouTubers that provide great analyses of game design and mechanics, as well as actual how-to videos that can enhance your skills as a developer.

Have fun!

Sunder - Sunder makes videos that evaluate games and covers a variety of topics ranging from detailed level-design analysis to entertaining reviews.

Extra Credits - Whether you're looking for a game industry career or simply curious about the way game developers think, Extra Credits makes video game design approachable by exploring concepts like gamification, perfect imbalance, the skinner box, the uncanny valley, and more. 

Game Soup - Game analysis, critique, and coverage of all kinds of video games. Whether this YouTuber is taking a look at freshly-released Indie and highly-anticipated games or looking back on decades of gaming past, they provide enjoyable content and analysis.

3 Minute Game Design (by Keith Burgun) - Provides video snippets that analyze various components of video games, from content and theme to elegance and depth. As you can guess, these videos are around the 3 minute mark and very easy to digest!

Game Maker’s Toolkit - This YouTuber provides great analysis of some of the biggest games out there while giving us some extra in-depth critique on gameplay.

The Happie Cat - This YouTuber drops an amazing amount of game development knowledge onto viewers. From beginners to advanced, this YouTuber is sure to open your eyes on some great game development techniques. 

GDC's Game Design Playlist - Over 80 design talks recorded from the Game Developers Conference.

AI and Games - A deep dive into AI in the game industry, by independent developer Tommy Thompson.

Are there other YouTubers out there that critique game design and mechanics that you’d recommend should be on here? Send me an email at and let me know about them. If it’s a good one, we’ll throw it on here and give you a shout-out!

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